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Química Mineral y ExploraciónOsvaldo Rabbia Dalmasso

  • Título(s): Lienciado en Geología
  • Grado(s): MSc, Dr
  • Correo:
  • Anexo: 4866
  • Líneas de investigación: Metalogénesis andina
  • Proyectos destacados
  • Publicaciones destacadas
  • Evaluation of rutile as a metal content monitor of hydrothermal fluids associated with Andean porphyry copper deposits. Proyecto FONDECYT #198-0511, 1998-2001. IP.
  • A Petro-geochemical and mineralogical investigation of the “El Teniente Belt”, Central Chile: Implications of lower crustal melting processes and the links to giant Andean porphyry Cu-Mo mineralization. Proyecto FONDECYT Líneas Complementarias #800-0006, 2000-2004. PI.
  • Caracterización integral de la mineralogía de sulfuros y extensión del modelado petrológico de la Mina Radomiro Tomic” Codelco Norte, Calama. 2011-2014 IP.
  • ATR Mineral Chemistry Applied to the Characterization and Exploration of Andean Type Copper – Au Ore Deposits. AMIRA P-972. Sponsors: BHP-Billiton, Barrick, Rio Tinto, Vale exploratrion, Codelco-Chile y Newmont-Perú. 2009-2012. PI.
  • Role of oceanic fracture zones and slab geometry in the genesis, timing, and distribution of giant Andean ore deposits. Sponsor BHP. En curso. IP.
  • Rabbia, O.M., Laura B. Hernández, David H. French, Robert W. King and John C. Ayers (2009) The El Teniente porphyry Cu–Mo deposit from a hydrothermal rutile perspective. Mineralium Deposita, 44(8), pag 849-866
  • Rabbia, O.M., and Hernández L.B. (2012) Mineral chemistry and potential applications of natural-multi-doped hydrothermal rutile from porphyry copper deposits, Chapter 10 in Rutile: Properties, Synthesis, and Applications, Ed. by IM Low, Nova Science Publishers Inc., New York, 209-228. ISBN: 978-1-61942-233-9
  • Correa, K, Rabbia, O.M., Hernández, L., Selby, D., Astengo M. (2016) The timing of magmatism and ore formation in the El Abra porphyry copper deposit, northern Chile: Implications for long-lived multiple-event magmatic-hydrothermal porphyry systems. Economic Geology, Vol. 111, No. 1, 1-28
  • Salas P., Ruprecht P., Hernández L, Rabbia O, (2021) Out-of-sequence skeletal growth causing oscillatory zoning in arc olivines. Nat Commun 12, 4069 (2021).
  • Quiero, F., Tassara, A., Iaffaldano, G., Rabbia, O., (2022) Growth of Neogene Andes linked to changes in plate convergence using high-resolution kinematic models. Nat Commun 13, 1339 (2022).